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On this page you will find information on:

* Office hours

* Repairs and maintenance

* Definition of emergency repairs and Emergency Contacts

* Vacating and getting your bond back


Office Hours

Our office is open from Monday to Friday between 9.00am and 5.00pm.

On Saturdays, our office is open between 9.00am and 2.00pm.


Repairs and Maintenance

All requests for repairs and maintenance are best reported via our website. To log your repair request online click on the “Maintenance Request” tab located under the “Renting” section of this web page. 

In the event of an urgent repair required outside office hours, arrangements for repairs can be made directly with the tradespeople listed on the front page of your tenancy agreement, or as listed below.

Your Property Manager will attend to all non-urgent repairs within one business day, however, in many instances it will be necessary to obtain the owner’s approval before any work can commence.


Definition of Emergency Repairs

If you are unsure of what is an emergency repair please check the list below:-

Urgent repairs means any work needed to repair any of the following:

  • A burst water service including hot water systems
  • A broken or malfunctioning appliance, fitting or fixture causing a substantial waste of water
  • A blocked or broken toilet
  • A serious roof leak
  • A gas leak
  • A dangerous electrical fault
  • Flooding or serious flood damage
  • Serious storm or fire damage
  • A failure or breakdown of the gas, electricity or water supply
  • Any fault or damage that makes the premises unsafe or insecure 

You must be able to show that:

  • The problem was not your fault
  • You made a ‘reasonable’ attempt to contact the landlord/agent
  • You gave the landlord/agent a ‘reasonable’ chance and access to do the repairs
  • The repairs were carried out by a repair person named in your tenancy agreement (if possible) or by a licensed or qualified tradesperson.
  • You must give the landlord/agent written notice about the repairs, costs and copies of receipts.


Definition of Emergency Repairs

If you encounter an emergency repair and our office is closed please contact one of our emergency tradespeople listed below:

  • Plumbing and Hot Water Systems
    • 0422 062 026 – Chris, Sydney Plumbing Concepts
  • Electrical
    • 0416 119 631 – Peter, Harrison’s Electrical
  • General repairs
    • 0430 377 113 – JMR Property Group
  • Locks and keys
    • 02 9519 9519 – Eds Locksmiths
  • Glass windows and door repairs
    • 1800 045 277 – Magic Glass


Contact SES


The SES State Headquarters can be contacted on (02) 4251 6111 for general enquiries.

Written correspondence should be sent to: NSW State Emergency Service, State Headquarters, PO Box 6126, Wollongong, NSW 2500.

For Government Information Public Access (formerly Freedom of Information) go to: About the SES – Governance.


Vacating and getting your bond back

Mail redirection form from Australia Post – Click Here

Getting your bond back – Department of Fair Trading Fact Sheet    Click here

To make an appointment for lease signings or for a vacate inspection, please click HERE


The ultimate cleaning checklist

You’re all packed up and ready to move on, but there’s just one last thing to do – clean!! Leave a clean house behind and ensure you get that all-important rental bond back with this comprehensive cleaning checklist.


  • Empty all cabinets and drawers and wipe them clean.
  • If you’re leaving behind a dishwasher, empty the filter and run a cycle with an appropriate cleaning solution to get rid of all residual food.
  • Use some serious steel wool to scrub the oven, inside and out. Remove the shelving, drip pans and burners and scrub clean.
  • Clean the exhaust fan.
  • Disinfect countertops.
  • Turn taps off and wipe the sink clean of all soap residue.

Top cleaning tip: Give yourself a full day after the removalists have left to complete your cleaning.


  • Rinse and remove soap scum from the bathtub, screen and shower recess.
  • Use bleach to scrub wall tiles and grouting.
  • Empty vanity drawers and wipe clean.
  • Clean the toilet.
  • Wipe off the sink, countertop and mirror.
  • Check the exhaust fan and vacuum away any visible dust.
  • Wash or replace the shower curtain.

Top cleaning tip: Keep all of your cleaning supplies in one bucket so you can easily move from room to room without backtracking.

Living areas and bedrooms

  • Remove any nails or screws left in the walls.
  • Dust skirting boards, window ledges and ceiling fixtures.
  • Polish door knobs and wipe down doors.
  • Wipe outlets and light switches to remove dust.
  • Clean the windows inside and out.
  • Vacuum carpets or organise a professional steam clean.
  • Mop wooden floor boards.

Top cleaning tip: Mop from the furthest point of the room, finishing at the doorway.


  • Pull out any weeds and mow the grass.
  • Clean any stains on decking or stairs.
  • Tidy up any existing garden furniture or hoses.

Finally, say goodbye and lock the door behind you. Done and dusted!

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